What is collective worship?

It aims to give pupils and school staff alike the opportunity to:

·         Express praise and thanks giving to God

·         Foster respect and deepen spiritual awareness

·         Reflect on the character of God and on the teachings of Christ

·         Affirm Christian values and attitudes

·         Share each other's joys and challenges

·         Celebrate special times in the Christian calendar

Collective Worship is legally required to take place every school day and ‘shall be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’ (1988 Education Act).



What will my child experience in Collective Worship at St. Mary’s?

As a Church of England School, Collective Worship is at the heart of school life. It happens every day, in various different forms, which give all children an opportunity to learn, celebrate and respond to Christian Values drawn from the Bible. Collective Worship songs are linked into the Value, and help the children reflect further on its meaning.






Value for the half term explored in a Christian context and in terms of whole school life, led by principal or deputy. 

Bible exploration, prayer and worship Themes include Bible stories linked to values, or celebrations in line with the church calendar.

Key Stage Assembly  linked to values, learning, and celebration of achievements. 

Class celebration of achievements/recognition of children's birthdays .

Children lead using Flippin' Praise Publication

Older Children are on a rota system to deliver class assemblies.

BLP celebration 
Colour team point celebration
Sports Hero award
Attendance and eco awards
Good Samaritan award / Principal's award 


What makes it C of E?

St. Mary’s Collective worship is based on the liturgy or pattern of Church of England Services. This helps staff and children to become familiar with its language and traditions so when they visit the church building, they can understand and take part in their services in a meaningful way.

We’re not a religious family! What will my child get from Collective Worship?

Collective Worship is set up so that all children and adults, of any faith or none, are invited to find out what Christians believe about God, the world and themselves, and have reflection time wondering about big questions of life. Staff and pupils alike value the time of quiet and stillness as a way to bring the community together.