Families all at some time experience loss, whether that be through death, separation, relocation or family breakdown.
Often the thoughts and feelings of the children  are difficult for them to share with family members, who are also struggling with their own emotions.  It can be a very isolating time, as children believe they are the only ones experiencing their particular feelings.  It can be up to two years after the initial loss that children feel secure enough to work through these feelings.  These groups aim to provide the children with a safe, secure environment in which they can share with their peers to help with understanding their feelings and dispel feelings of  isolation.
We offer two programmes to our children who have experienced this:
  • Sunbeams — 5—8 years old
  • Rainbows — 8—11 years old
If you feel your child would benefit from attending one of these, please contact his or her class teacher, or a member of the Family Support Team.