Academy Context

Since 1 September 2003, Governing Bodies of all maintained schools and maintained nursery schools in England have been required, under Section 29 of the Education Act 2002, to have in place a procedure to deal with complaints relating to the school and to any community facilities or services that the school provides. The law has also required the procedure to be publicised.

Dealing With Complaints – Initial Concerns

We recognise the need to be clear about the difference between a concern and a complaint.  Taking informal concerns seriously at the earliest stage reduces the numbers that develop into formal complaints.

We aim to ensure that concerns are handled, if at all possible, without the need for formal procedures.  Our formal complaints procedure is only necessary if efforts to resolve the concern informally are unsuccessful.  In most cases a class teacher or an individual delivering the service, will receive the first approach.  Our staff development process includes training to help staff resolve issues on the spot, including apologising where necessary.

Dealing With Complaints – Formal Procedures

Our formal procedures are invoked when initial attempts to resolve the issue are unsuccessful and the person raising the concern remains dissatisfied and wishes to take the matter further.

For more information, please read the full text of our Complaints Procedure in the attached document. Alternatively, you may visit the school office where you can obtain a printed copy.